Who can install a SunTrac panel? Can I do it myself?

Only licensed HVAC professionals that have been trained by SunTrac (or a proxy) can install the product.

How many panels do I need for my air conditioner?

In residential applications, it is one panel per air conditioner. Commercial applications up to 7.5 Tons, only one is needed. For larger compressors/systems, more than one may be necessary.​

I have more than one A/C unit on my roof, can one panel be integrated to handle them all?

Each air conditioner requires its own SunTrac panel. You cannot mix refrigerant circuits from multiple air conditioners.​

How big are the panels? What do they weigh?

The commercial model is 4′ x 8′ and weighs 220 lbs. The residential model is 4′ x 6′ and weighs 165 lbs.

What medium runs through the panels? Glycol, water etc?

Refrigerant (R410a, R22, R407c, etc) from the air conditioning unit flows through the panel. The panel is directly in-line with the refrigeration cycle of the system, between the compressor and condenser.

Where are the panels mounted? How Far away from the A/C unit can it be?

The panels can be either roof or ground mounted, and must be within 75 feet of the condensing unit of the air conditioner.

Do the panels work on cloudy days?

Yes, the panels work on cloudy days, as long as you can cast a shadow. The SunTrac panel works with visible light and invisible UVA & UVB rays.

Can the panels be paired with single stage air conditioners?

For residential systems, the base A/C system must be multi-stage or variable speed. In commercial systems, with our Hybrid Upgrade and controls package, single stage compressors may be transformed into a quasi/semi variable compressor and take advantage of the SunTrac panel’s efficiency.

What kind of warranty comes with the SunTrac panel? (U.S. Markets)

– Residential: 10 years Parts & Labor

– Commercial: 5 years Parts & Labor​

Are there any incentives that these systems qualify for?

YES! Each system qualifies and is eligible for the 30% Federal Tax credit, for both residential and commercial. There may be other local and state incentives available as well. For more information, visit the DSIRE website and consult with your tax professional.

(DISCLAIMER: We are not tax professionals, please consult with your accountant. While the system may qualify, the individuals/businesses may not.)

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