Renewable Cooling

Changing the Way the World Cools!


Each system can save 40% or more in cooling costs, extend useful life of AC units, and positively impact the planet.


 Each system is eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit,  as well as other state & local incentives.


The SunTrac panels have an OG-100 SRCC rating, and 3rd-Party Engineering & Testing.

Why SunTrac?

SunTrac panels are mirrored parabolic concentrators that track the sun, harnessing the sun’s radiant energy. Our purpose in capturing this energy is to increase HVAC system efficiency and reduce operating expenses by replacing a percentage of mechanical energy required to power a compressor (saving electricity), with modulated thermal energy.

Our Technology

We take a high efficiency air conditioner, variable speed or multi-stage, and integrate a SunTrac panel into its refrigeration cycle. This combination allows the compressor of the base unit to unload and the SunTrac panel to act as a compressor booster, saving 40% or more in cooling related costs.​

This renewable hybrid approach offers innovative technology for commercial air conditioning & heating applications.