Paperless and Professional - mHelpDesk Gets Featured In ACHR News

SunTrac featured in the Jan 2021 The ACHR NEWS publication, “HVAC Technologies Offer Solutions For Improved Energy Use in Home“.

Zoning, thermostats, and much more help homeowners increase comfort, lower energy usage.

Gordon White, Web Editor, The ACHR NEWS

As the pandemic continues to make people increasingly aware of their home HVAC systems, and as more and more people become aware of the value of energy efficiency, contractors have numerous options for offering homeowners solutions in energy management systems.


Devin Cooley, president of SunTrac USA, explained that concentrating thermal panels can harness the sun’s energy to lessen the load on an air conditioner’s compressor, which, in his experience, lowers cooling costs in a home by an average of 40%. BTUs from the sun are captured by the solar panels’ concentrators, which track the sun’s movement across the sky, and are piped into the refrigerant cycle of the HVAC system. Renewable technology is typically installed in the Sunbelt states — running from California to the Carolinas and south — in areas experiencing long summers, high temperatures, and high humidity.

“We’re tackling the largest energy hog of the home, which is the a/c,” said Cooley. “Our technology will also integrate easily with smart home automation.”

He explained that hybrid climate systems can add value that contractors can sell to customers, while also not being a product that would detract from their normal business competency. Integrating solar technology does not require any specialized personnel, processes, or equipment. At SunTrac, Cooley said it takes a two-day course to train an HVAC company in how to service and install its hybrid climate systems.

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