September 9, 2014

SunTrac Solar Manufacturing (“SunTrac”) is pleased to announce that SunTrac has been approved as an Emerson Climate Technologies OEM through Wholesaler Account. SunTrac will now feature Emerson’s Copeland brand of compressors and products as part of the SunTrac Commercial Air & Heat Upgrade Program, which includes:

  •  SunTrac Thermal Panel & High-Efficiency Compressor Upgrade Packages for existing, installed commercial cooling and heating systems, as well as commercial refrigeration systems.  Once installed, the SunTrac upgrade can reduce system electricity consumption by up to 40%,

  • Solutions for commercial systems from 10-Tons to 500-Tons, including DX units, VRF and VRV systems, Chiller systems, as well as other various types of HVAC systems

  • Copeland Multi-Stage, Scroll Digital & Variable Speed Compressors, Controls and Upgrade Kits

“SunTrac’s controllable HVAC solar thermal concentrator panels are the most advanced and efficient solar thermal panels available today.” said Rich Cooley, SunTrac’s CEO.  “We are excited to add Emerson’s Copeland line of compressors and products to our commercial HVAC Solar Upgrade Program, which empowers commercial HVAC system owners to upgrade their basic existing equipment to high-efficiency solar-assisted systems, while taking advantage of energy savings of up to 40% and generating paybacks often less than 2-years.”

SunTrac’s solar thermal panels use the sun’s energy to allow air-conditioning and heat pump systems to operate more efficiently and at lower cost. The addition of the thermal energy decreases the A/C compressor’s workload and reduces the electrical power consumed by high-efficiency systems.

The SunTrac Solar Thermal SmartPanel™ Air and Heat System features an enclosed, computerized array of parabolic mirrors (or concentrators), which includes a unique sun-tracking system and exclusive temperature-sensing technology. The panels track the sun as it crosses the sky and controls the exit temperatures of the refrigerant. Available for both residential and commercial markets, the scalable system can operate from 1-Ton to 500-Ton air-conditioning systems and larger.

Equipment manufactured by both Emerson and SunTrac is made in the U.S.A.

About SunTrac

SunTrac is a technology manufacturing and sales company based in Tempe, Arizona. SunTrac’s line of tracking solar thermal concentrators is used for HVACR and commercial “process” temperature

applications, including space heating, food processing, solar cooling, and bio-fuels generation. SunTrac technologies are also available for licensed assembly by qualified manufacturers. For more information visit

About Emerson Climate Technologies

Emerson is the world’s leading provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial applications.  Combining technically superior products and services from our industry-leading businesses and brands with global engineering, design, distribution, installation, and monitoring capabilities, Emerson creates reliable, energy- efficient climate systems that improve human comfort, safeguard food and protect the environment. For more information visit

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